18 June 2014

Bustles and Begonias

Finally, I've managed to build up my collection of people and gardens and people and plants.
It wasn't hard, Victorians loved posing amongst their well loved gardens and with fashionable ferny props.

Here are the photographs which have the most social and garden history interest.

Most date from the 1870s to 1900s

Favourite armchair in the garden

Really interesting - walled garden in Winter, with cold frames and espalier fruit tree

Back indoors - young lady and fern

Meanwhile outside  - tense expressions all round in the garden

Lady with Begonia
Suave young man in a really interesting small garden
Milder looking chap with window boxes
I picked this one out because of the Wardian case/cloche with a plant in it
 An unusual corner to have a photo taken, obviously this lady wanted her fern collection to be immortalised too
Glamorous young lady posing with ferns
Note on the back says "dear old Sam". Lovely ramshackle garden with Nasturtiums

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  1. Brilliant collection of evocative pictures showing the gardens and people who enjoyed them